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5 Most Popular Wireless Broadband Providers

Customers often hear the term broadband when it comes to internet speed. The term wireless broadband means just that- a bigger band width of frequency access that enhances internet speeds. Broadband works by signal transmission which eliminates the use of wires. Hence, the adjective- Wireless. The net result is more data transmitted in a minimum amount of time. Take a look at the top five broadband providers and make your choice.


1. AT&T Wireless Broadband Service

One of the biggest and most reputed names in the telecommunication industry, AT&T offer 3G speeds with a 5G cap at less than $60 per month. This is currently touted to be the fastest wireless broadband network. They use USB broadband cards on their network.

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2. Sprint Broadband

Though not up to the AT&T level of 3G speeds, Sprint is known for its wide area coverage and snazzy internet devices that spice up their broadband services. They are preparing to unveil their 3G/4G internet speeds, with their interesting WiMax feature. While their 3G speed got the thumbs up from industry gurus, their 4G is operative and you’re lucky to be in the coverage area. They also offer the most reliable mobile broadband services and several broadband cards.

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3. T-mobile

A reliable 3G internet speed service that manages to reach 70% of their customers and rightly receive kudos for having the best area coverage. Their speeds match up to the Sprint standard though still short of AT&T speeds. They are considered to have the potential eventual leaders in the broadband sector. They offer a selection of 3 USB cards to choose from.

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4. Verizon Broadband

They offer 5 GB plans and particularly for their mobile broadband networks. Their service is characterized by 75 MB, 250 Mb and 500 Mb choices depending on how you want to use the net. They are on the Sprint and AT&T speed levels but have been voted to more reliable than these other two competitors.

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5. US cellular 3G Broadband Services

Known more for their regional coverage rather than national coverage, their price is their USP at $50 for 5 GB speeds- $10 cheaper than the four discussed above. Currently they rank at fifth position behind AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile and Verizon but are steadily making their regional services 3G covered. They also offer maximum prices at $200 that adds appeal to their service.

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Depending on what you are looking at- speeds, space, extent of coverage or mobile access, you have to select which brand suits you. Your job profile, affordability and lifestyle will dictate your choice of wireless broadband.

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