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Windows Vista Password Recovery Tools

You can recover (or in the worst case, reset) your Windows Vista password in a number of ways — by way of in-built Windows features or by way of external tools — free or priced. Here are the different ways to resolve the problem of Windows Vista password loss.

Windows Password Recovery Disk


The Windows Vista Password Recovery Disk is a handy tool to have, only if you have created it earlier. It works, no matter the number of times you have changed the password. When you create log on passwords, these are usually stored with Windows Security Accounts Manager (SAM). The Windows Password Recovery Disk recovers the password hashes or resets the passwords. For instructions on how to create a Windows Password Recovery Disk, see these instructions. To reset your password, see these instructions.

Reset password from Administrator account

An administrator can reset or change your password. If your computer belongs to your company, contact your administrator to change your password. If you are the administrator, use your privileges to change the password.

Windows Vista Password Recovery Tools

Several free tools are available which help you recover your Windows Vista password. They are:


It is easily among the quickest and the easiest password recovery tools to use. You do not even need to have an access to Windows to use Ophcrack. Simply visit the Ophcrack Sourceforge website, download the ISO image and burn it to a CD. Now, boot the computer from CD and Ophcrack will automatically track the password for you. Ophcrack is known to recover passwords having up to 14 characters pretty efficiently.

PC Login Now

PC Login Now does not recover your Windows Vista password, but deletes the password and allows you an access to Windows so that you can create a password again. All you need to do is to visit the PC Login Now website and download the ISO files. Now burn the ISO files into a CD and boot from a CD.

Note: This software is without any warranty so use it at your own risk.


Kon-Boot is much like PC Login Now and it lets you reset your password without really recovering it. It is very easy to use and is real quick. Just download the ISO image and burn it to a CD. Now boot from CD and Kon-Boot will do the rest for you.

Download Kon-Boot.

Cain and Abel

Unlike the other programs, Cain and Abel needs an access to Windows and the Administrator account. It is a bit more difficult but it is also more advanced than other tools.

Download Cain and Abel.


Another good program to use easily to crack into your locked account.

Download LCP.

John the Ripper

Tough to understand and use but very powerful open source tool to crack your operating system. This amazing program works for MAC, Unix and Linux also.

Download John the Ripper.

If nothing of the above works (which does not happen often), then you need to take the drastic step of uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Vista. This will, unless you take a backup, erase all your data and therefore, you must be extremely careful with this step.

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