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Who Unfollowed Me (who.unfollowed.me)

Who.unfollowed.me is a web service that lets you track your followers who unfollow you on Twitter. The followers who unsubscribe  your tweets are updated in real time. There is no need to wait for direct messages and emails to identify who all have unsubscribed from your tweets. The good news is that there is a software that helps you to check your unfollowers. There are two versions of the service: Lite and Pro. The Lite version lets you manually check unfollowers every 15 minutes, and stores the history for a week. The Pro version is available with features that are useful if you are a frequent updater of Tweets and would like to know more about your unfollowers.



Some of the key features of the Lite and Pro versions of who unfollowed me are:

Who Unfollowed Me Lite version

  • Functionality to check for unfollowers every 15 minutes
  • You can view who is not following back
  • You can send “Who Unfollowed Me” Tweet
  • You can send “Not Following Back” Tweet

Who Unfollowed Me Pro version

  • You can check for unfollowers everytime you refresh the page
  • You will get notification when someone unfollows
  • Automatic checking for unfollowers
  • You can organize your unfollowers
  • Unlimited unfollower history
  • Change usernames

Apart from these key features, new features are added every day by the developers of this software.

Whether you want to accept it or not, everyone on Twitter want to know who all unfollowed them over a period of time.

Why will I want to know who unfollowed me?

The tool Who Unfollowed Me, answers the question very honestly with a simple ‘I can’t answer that question for you’.  If you are a user with several hundred followers and if you are able to interact with only a few of them, finding out who unfollowed you can be quite useful. And most importantly, that’s why you are here.

Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter

The unfollower information is useful not only for the power user; anyone who is curious about the follower pattern will also want to use it. There are many cases where advertisers and brands use such metrics to calculate and analyze who unfollowed at what time as this lets them collect information for strategic planning, marketing, and promotions.



Having a Pro account enables you to enjoy these features, which make it easy to track your unfollowers. There have been several cases where Twitter account holders have unfollowed a specific account even though they might be following several other accounts more frequently. Now you have the power to identify such people and mark them as spam or block them.

Who Unfollowed Me On Tumblr

Who Unfollowed Me has not yet created a software to focus on your Tumblr unfollowers but they have developed an interesting tool. You can use this tool called “Missing e” to find out who unfollowed you. Missing e is an extension that you can install on your Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. The extension enables the identification and viewing of Tumblr unfollowers.

Link to install the Missing e extension: http://missinge.infraware.ca/

Note: Download the extension for your browser.

Who Unfollowed Me On Facebook

Unlike Tumblr and Twitter, there is no straightforward way to find out who unfriended  you on Facebook. But, you can download a user script to enable this feature. You have to first install Greasemonkey to enable the user scripts as they are capable of performing different functions based on a need based query. It is recommended to always check  such scripts before downloading or installing them.

Greasemonkey is an extension on Mozilla Firefox although Google Chrome does not support this user script. If you are using Chrome 4 then you will be able to install the Greasemonkey user scripts.


Follow instructions given in this link to install Greasemonkey extension on Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/

  1. Click on Download Now
  2. Click on Install button on the pop-up that has appeared
  3. Restart your Firefox browser

Link to download the Unfriend Finder user script: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/58852

Now add the user script into the Greasemonkey extension that you can find at Firefox add-on in your browser. This will help you to enable the Unfriend finder feature on Facebook. You can add a user script by going to Tools> Greasemonkey> New User Script as shown in the following picture.

Note: Download and install Greasemonkey and user scripts at your own risk. Chrome, Firefox or any other browser does not give you any guarantee that user scripts will work or not harm your computer.

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