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What is a Network Intrusion Detection System?

A Network Intrusion Detection System monitors, detects and reports unauthorized or unusual activities on a specific network which can often be an intrusion with a malicious intent (for example, taking out confidential information). Though detectio

n and reporting of unauthorized or unusual activities are the primary expectations from a Network Intrusion Detection System, it is sometimes also used to prevent and fix malicious attacks. Network Intrusion Detection Systems are among the several data-protection measures organizations have been embracing, as their data increasingly come under stronger malicious attacks.

Network Intrusion Detection Systems

As is obvious, a Network Intrusion Detection System usually is used on an enterprise level. There are a number of reliable Network Intrusion Detection Systems available and here is a list.

Cisco IPS 4200 Series Sensors

Product information link: Cisco.com


  • Cisco IPS 4200 Series Sensors can detect malicious attempts on your data before your data is attacked. It further classifies the type and extent of risks associated with the attack.
  • Cisco IPS 4200 Series Sensors can provide an in-depth analysis of the malicious attack — type, name, risks it pose, prevention measures, for example.

BlackICE Defender 2.1

Product information link: Cnet.com

Download link: Cnet.com


  • It is an intrusion and firewall protection tool for your PC.
  • It scans the internet connection to detect and prevent any malicious attack.
  • It can quickly identify and mitigate threats.
  • It does not slow your PC down and is more effective than personal firewalls.

Price: $49.95

CyberCop Monitor by Network Associates, Inc

Product information link: Dooyoo.co.uk


  • CyberCop Monitor is a combination of network intrusion detection facilities and system misuse detection facilities.
  • It can detect attacks early and obtain all related information to the attack quickly.
  • It is fully compatible with switched networks and high-speed network systems.
  • Has a unique honey pot technology which can drive attackers away from your system.

While most of the reliable network intrusion detection systems are available at enterprise level, they are also available for the small and medium-sized enterprises that might not be able to afford expensive tools.

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