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WAIK – Windows Automated Installation Kit

It is next to impossible to do away with the branding of Microsoft in today’s technically growing scenario. Since the beginning of personal computing back in the 90s, the company has been clinging onto consumer computing to such an extent that today, more or less we define it to be the base for personal computing. Also, its penetration into the market and comparably cheap cost has added to its advantage and made it more popular.

Windows Automated Installation Kit

Now moving onto the crux of the topic, we have the Windows Automated Installation Kit, or in short ‘WAIK’. Basic idea behind the software is that it helps one customize and install family of Windows Vista Operating Systems onto computers. Now what this means is that using the piece of software, one can easily deploy Operating System related installation using one’s own settings and enable custom features to help make the operating environment best suit the working needs.


WAIK is a collection of tools that help create an image of Microsoft’s Operating Systems to target computers or storage devices. Although the host of tools that come in as a package have a variety of use, some of the most common utilities are SysPrep, ImageX and WinPE.

The first version of Automated Installation Kit came with the Windows Vista family of Operating Systems and there after it was redesigned and was later known as Windows Deployment Toolkit for the upcoming Operating Software like the Windows 7 and so forth.

WAIK Download

To begin with the software installation, one needs to download the setup file online from Windows Download Centre. To do the same, one may follow the steps as below…

waik download

  • First thing is to get online at http://goo.gl/jPtaH, and following this one need to choose the appropriate language of the desired software
  • Once, the continue button is hit, the next screen prompts for a validation code of the Windows Operating System.

Validation code for Windows Vista can be obtained in Windows Support Centre installed in the system or in system details. Another easier way out is to run the validation tool which is available in the same page where one is prompted for the validation code.

  • The new piece of software that starts loading basically is a smaller piece which checks if the piece of software is genuine and develops a validation code unique to the operating system being run on.
  • Once the validation code is punched in into the required space, the next screen prompts to select the version of the Automated Installation Kit and to begin the dialogue.

Once the piece of software is downloaded onto the system, one may choose to run it directly from the hard disk or to prepare a bootable disk to run it from.

And as was mentioned in the beginning, one may choose to customize the installation procedure in a new system or alter and add tools to the current system to make it more fitting into the work environment.

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