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Vodafone GPRS Settings

Vodafone is a leading mobile phone service provider in the world. They entered the Indian market with much expectation from the users that they will bring their global data offerings to India. They have lived up their expectation. Vodafone offer several different General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) plans based on the user’s bandwidth requirement. The speed of Vodafone GPRS is anywhere between 56Kbps to 128Kbps and it depends on the signal strength in that particular area and the phone that you are using to access GPRS.


Vodafone has a wide area of coverage for its GPRS subscribers. Unlike 3G, you can use this option to browser internet using your normal 2G connection; this enables you to have an always on Internet connection on your phone to access you email and browse internet.


Vodafone GPRS Settings

The settings to use GPRS on your phone are sent as a text message as soon as you subscribe to one of the plans offered by Vodafone. You can get more details on the different plans offered by Vodafone here. You can also visit your nearest Vodafone dealer to enquire about specific plans that may be applicable in your area. If you do not get the settings as a text message, you can manually set up GPRS on your phone by following these step by step instructions:

Settings 1

  1. Select Settings on your mobile phone
  2. Select Network Settings
  3. Select GPRS
  4. Enter the following details:
  5. Access Point: airtelgprs.com
  6. Server:
  7.  Server Port: 8080
  8. Homepage Location: http:// http://techzoomer.com/
  9. Primary Name Server: Leave it blank
  10. Secondary Name Server: Leave it blank
  11. Packet Data Access Point: portalnmms
  12. Username: Leave it blank
  13. Password: Leave it blank

Congratulations! You have successfully configured your phone with Vodafone GPRS.

If you have problems with accessing Internet even after manually configuring the settings on your phone, contact Vodafone customer care. The port names vary from one state to another. You will have to reconfigure your GPRS settings when you go to places where there is limited Vodafone mobile phone service. You can find more information about Vodafone GPRS in the following link: http://www.vodafone.in/vas/lifestyle/pages/edgeonvodafone.aspx.

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