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Ucweb – Mobile Browser Download, iPhone. Mobile Phones and PC

Today browsing of  internet has become our daily routine work. Introduction of the smart phones have changed the way of  browsing  and is  keeping you in touch with the rest of world any time you want. One may be a net-crazy but the day to day increase in the data charge per kilobyte may become  a hindrance in the road to fulfilling one’s wish and ability. Most of the smart phones are built in  S60 internet browser or Opera Mobile browser for Symbian based application.

What if someone provides you the magic browser by which you can browse carelessly and pay a little?  It’s not a dream anymore if you have the UCWEB Mobile Internet Browser. UC Browser (formerly known as UCWEB) is one of the good browsers which works for both desktop and mobile devices with faster speed and stability. It also supports video player, personal data management and much more.


For the Airtel users and the Airtel live users, they can use the specific proxy server as their internet access point and eliminate their browsing charges completely. This can be done in other operator also but you have to configure the settings of the UCWEB browser manually when know the specific Telecom Operator’s parent server settings.

UCWEB Mobile Browser

You can experience a free mobile internet by running the application in the back ground and can have a decent speed, sometimes around 25 to 40 KB per second on any Nokia HSDPA, 3G, EDGE or GPRS powered Smartphone.

Features of UCWEB Mobile Internet Browser

This web browser having unique features with in-built search engine is becoming the majority of people’s  choice web browser. It can be considered as the Maxthon of mobile browsers around the world, whether you are on a PDA or a Smartphone.

Here are some of the features of UCWEB Mobile Internet Browser:

  • For symbian based devices, it provides faster  browsing  experience
  • WAP and Web based sites are easily accessed through this browser
  • It can export and import browsing profile and bookmarks
  • It provides easy downloading of files and multimedia
  • Feed syndication with ATOM and RSS
  • Supports landscape mode and webpage folding
  • Copy, paste and more options are available ,which makes it more user friendly

Not only this, it has some other features like it provides perfect browsing optimization for any kind of sites to suit your mobile phone’s specific display screen.


In the PC version of the browser you can save any displayed images, audio etc to local memory storage of your smart phones and can watch it any time you want.

Like any other web browser, it also has browsing history. It allows you to reopen your last browsing location even if you restart UCWEB browser at some later time. It supports multiple attachments like PDF, DOC, and FLV etc. UCWEB mobile internet browser can navigate multiple web pages at one time just like other standard web browsers.

It is equipped with the auto completing functionality and support the FLV extension for the watching videos.

UCWEB Browser Download

UC Browser is currently available on thousands of handsets with its 6 versions including Symbian, Java, Windows Mobile, Smart phone and iPhone. Use the following link for the download purpose.

UCWEB for Nokia


In June 2011 UC mobile launched U3, innovated by their R&D group. 4 editions of the UCWEB are available in the market Symbian, Java MIDP2.0, PPC/SP. You can download iPhone version of UC Browser from the link below.

UCWEB for iPhone (English version)


UCWEB for Android


UCWEB for Windows Mobiles


UCWEB for BlackBerry Mobiles


note : there is a generic version which is suitable for majority of new mobile phones – link


All though, UC Browser provides a quick and easy way to explore Web from your PDA, it does not support the images well. But in China UCWEB is considered as the best mobile browser. We can expect its iPhone edition will be equipped with the some attractive features and rock the market in near future.

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