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Tumblr Theme Generator

Tumblr has become favorite of most bloggers of today. It is said that over 11 million Tumblogs have got more than a billion views.

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Tumblr Themes

Tumblr includes various attractive and intriguing themes in different categories like animal print, collage, art, color layouts, emothemes, pop art, hearts, black and white, checkered themes and lots more. These themes are said to be used by over 3 million users. These themes consist of an elegant and pleasing look. This is why Tumblr is gaining more popularity amongst bloggers. The way of selecting backgrounds, layouts and themes for a Tumblr blog is pretty easy and useful and so the bloggers can easily look for some proficient and gorgeous themes to use them to customize the look and feel of their own blogs. Redux, Tumbledesk, Penguin and Fluid are some of the most stylish and trendy themes available for the bloggers.

The theme layouts that can be accessed by the bloggers are “ready to use” kind of themes. However, simply choosing the layout or theme is not going to make your blog extraordinary and remarkable for the visitors of your blog. The theme you had chosen might have been already used by many bloggers. So you need to use Tumblr themes that can be customized according to your needs. Most of the Tumblr themes have been created by various designers to suit your needs and so you should always opt for custom-made layouts to make your blog stand apart from the other ones and also to prove your blog’s distinctive and unique quality.

Tumblr Theme Generator

The website, Pimp My Profile allows you to create your own Tumblr theme. You can edit the text/headings, background, tables and graphics using the Tumblr theme generator present in this website. You need to have Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer 6 or higher version to create the theme. Once you are done with the editing process, you can go to the “Finish” tab and click on the “Preview” tab to preview the work. If you don’t see the preview, you can try pressing the “Preview” tab again but this time along with a press made on the “Ctrl” key. Once you are pleased with the theme, you can click on “Generate” to get your custom-made Tumblr theme. If you want to start all over again, you can hit the refresh button in your web browser to start it afresh.

Tumblr theme generator

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