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Top Texting Apps for iPod Touch

SMS is also known as text messaging. Earlier days this short message service was provided for mobile to mobile then it improved to the web to mobile. Currently they modernized it into iPod touch texting. That means without using your mobile phone, you can chat with your friends as a group just by assigning your phone number.

You get the benefit of sending and receiving texts which are free of cost. But enjoying the pleasure of free cost you have the patience to viewing numerous ads. In addition for update this application to your iPod touch Wi-Fi network connect is must. Today everyone gets addicted to send texting with prolonging time but the below listed top texting apps for iPod touch gaining not only your money but also the knowledge.


Textplus app

Gives you the unlimited texting option on your iPod touch by organizing your exact phone number. This ad-supported texting app encouraging the group texting and you have the facility to send a message to several persons. Push notification is a remarkable aspect which helps you to overlook all the messages.

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In this app you have been facilitated to ban the ads. For that you should pay some amount as subscriber fees. AT the same time this application is customary due to you have the facility of custom wallpaper, upload thumbnail photos or share your number.

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Textie Messaging

Conveying your email address for the substitute of your phone number for repeat procedure .The receiver of your text view your e mail address which displayed in from line. In addition you will have convenient that push notification which helps you to never miss the text.

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Brightkite Group Text

A quick application which forwards all your text messages to numerous people as a group. Highlight of this app is the processing for send and receive the text is shorter. In addition your text message without your phone number and your friends can reply for your messages after purchase this app.

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Tiger Text

One more app to utilize the text from your iPod touch. But those who are adopting this app only get benefit of your texting. In this particular app your text are restricted for forwarding and this option is gains its familiarity in top texting apps for IPod touch.

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TextFree Unlimited

Here is another amazing app for your iPod which gives you unlimited free text sending capability. With the use of your address book you can send group texts to your friends.

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From the above reviews of top texting apps for iPod touch you can estimate the values and adopt one. All the apps are well liked by the clients owing to the similarity as well as some specialty. Texting through iPod touch is not only used for the chat with friends but it also gains lot of benefits for the people. While you are suffered with the cost of single texting this app are saving not only your money and also with the group texting it saves your precious time.

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