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Sites like Omegle

Everyone of us is on the look to preserve and maintain our anonymity online which is considered to be very difficult these days. For example, lets take some online chatting website, wherein you need to create a profile with more details to start chatting with their other members present online. Even though this is done to protect the people on the website, it still reduces the interesting conversations made between them.

Omegle is an online chat website which permits its users to converse with complete strangers. Yeah. You heard it right. It allows you to chat with complete strangers from anywhere around the world. It was created by  18 year old Leif K-Brooks of Brattleboro, Vermont and launched in the year 2009. It started off by attracting around 150,000 people around the world to view their website every day in less than a month post its official launch in March.


Features and Technology

Omegle is an altered version of the word “omega”. They launched video conferencing facility in 2010 in addition to their text chat feature.

Omegle online chat service pairs up two different people out there looking for someone to chat with. The chat session is one-on-one wherein they can chat anonymously using the two handles “You” and “Stranger”, without having to reveal their real personal information.

They have their own disadvantages too. There are no restrictions on age or any other user attribute. They do not censor anything that is being shared on video, and so the user at the other end might stumble upon viewing sexual content/nudity on camera. This was even recognized and acknowledged by K-Brooks, the owner of the site, who expressed “disappointment” at the manner the site is used by some personnel.

Sites Like Omegle

There are many sites present over the internet that bear a resemblance to Omegle. Some of them are as follows:

Zupyo – www.zupyo.com

Cam Stumble- www.camstumble.com

Randomchat – www.randomchat.me

Chat pig – www.chatpig.com

Tinychat – www.tinychat.com

Anybody Out There- www.anybodyoutthere.com

Koowy – www.koowy.com

Iddin – www.iddin.com

iMeetzu – www.iMeetzu.com

Chat Random – www.chatrandom.com

Lollichat – www.lollichat.com

Cam Skip – www.camskip.com

Tohla – www.tohla.com

Shuffle People – shufflepeople.woome.com

BoostCam – www.boostcam.com

Speed Chat – www.speedchat.com

Facebuzz- www.facebuzz.com

Faceflow – www.faceflow.com

Video Encounter – www.videoencounter.com

Flipchat – www.flipchat.com

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