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SheppardSoftware.com – Free Online Learning and Educational Games

Sheppard Software is a site that focuses mainly on children and has more educational games for them than any other games website. Various categories on the Sheppard Software site includes:

  •  USA
  •  World
  •  Animals
  •  Language Arts
  •  Health
  •  Geography
  •  Vocabulary
  •  Chemistry
  •  Science
  •  Math
  •  Preschool
  •  Brain


These games tend to keep the children intact with information and make them learn anything and everything with more fun. Especially young children have the capacity to memorize things that are fun filled and engage any kind of activity. There are 100’s of educational games present in this site and they are for free. A person who is keen in developing his/her knowledge can always visit this site despite of their age group.

Principle and intention behind Sheppard Software

  •   To make the learning atmosphere more enjoyable by adding visual effects to them.
  •   To construct games with more levels so that the players will tend to continue with disregard to their progress.
  •   To offer and impart games that will give more exercise to the user’s brain.

For example, lets take the “Math” part in their site. It covers all the topics such as early math, basic and mixed operations, fractions, dollars & cents, pre-algebra, and place value. While the same is taught in the classroom, these games will have more impact over the children since they are fun filled ones. The math games are designed to educate and teach them the basic fundamentals of math which eventually helps them to score more marks in school. It keeps them engaged and entertained throughout and so interests them to come back to the site to learn more by playing those games.

Sheppard Software

There are different games with math concept with different levels to play. This website has more fun filled things that the children will love learning and playing them. As games progress by, they still don’t lose the fun factor present in them. Most of the games have a “timer” facility that enables the children to answer quickly within the given time period.

Checkout the Sheppard Software site of educational games.

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