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Paragon Alignment Tool

Since the beginning of calculators and coming over to computers with time, the discussion surrounding the storage of data has been grabbing much attention. The capacity started with some meagre data being store in magnetic strips, followed by optical disks and then coming onto hard drives and so on.



With the advancement of technology, the most vivid look in the field of storage is the ever increasing capacity in the field of hard drives. And this increase is seen to continue, there has been a problem that has been growing with the storage up-gradation. The problem of partitioning in hard drives which leads to lowered performance. Misaligned partitions lead to slower read/write actions, thus slowing down operations.

Paragon Alignment Tool Features

The way out of the misaligned partitions is to get them up and aligned in the right order to get the maximum productivity out of the storage capacity as well as to increase the lifetime of the drive. The major part of solving this problem is to get the physical hardware upfront aligned as well as the files and folders rearranged.

  • Paragon Alignment Tool, as the name suggests is involved with the realigning of the hard disk partitions.
  • One of its kind in the industry; Paragon Alignment Tool is known to be industry leader to carry out realignment in a single step.
  • Not only this, but the tools guarantees the safety of on-disk data.
  • The ability to realign ultra-high capacity 4K hard disks as well as working within virtual containers is what make Paragon Alignment Tool different and sought after.paragon-alignment-tool

How to use Paragon Alignment Tool

Starting up the Paragon Alignment Tool is one step away from getting a high end disk performance and a like-new hard-drive speed.

  • The tool is seen to start up after a reboot and it aims to realign the partitions, followed by moving every bit of data onto consolidated spaces and in arranged way on the newly aligned drives.
  • This ensures that the information flow is faster from the hard drive and all the while it doesn’t put much stress on the memory of the computer.paragon-alignment-tool


  • It is seen that virtual machines were increased in performance by up to 300%, and for Solid State Drives, the lifespan more or less increases by up to a triple.
  • The tool has to do a great deal of work while dealing with realignment as well as while moving the data to newer locations; this takes considerable amount of time.

Why Paragon Alignment Tool?

Paragon Alignment Tool helps to keep the read/write redundancy at bay. It also helps to increase the lifespan of the drives but simplifying the data recovery on request as well as by improving the storage locations on the disk for the data.Build-Paragon-Software-Group-Alignment-Tool


  • Paragon Alignment Tool specializes in increasing the endurance of the disk system as well as is known for boosting the performance of the disk subsystem by up to 3 times.
  • Paragon also promises better customer support with offices set in US and UK for handling the ever-increasing crowd of users.
  • Also, the software has releases in 11 international languages to cater to a wide customer base.
  • The time-consuming array of internal functions that the software takes care of in the light to make the hard-drives perform better is the sole prominent negative factor.

Download and Price

The software is available for $29.95 only and can be downloaded from the official Paragon Alignment Tool website.

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