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Orkut Themes Free Download

Orkut is a social networking website, which is owned and run by Google Inc. Orkut was invented and intended to help users meet both old and new friends and maintain social relationships. It is named after it’s originator/inventor, Orkut Buyukkokten.


Orkut Default Themes

If you want to display default Orkut themes, you can choose them from a theme gallery, which is updated in real time. The theme you choose will be available for viewing by you and anyone who has access to view your profile.

You have to login to your Orkut account and choose the option “Themes” present at the top of your Orkut homepage or profile. Then, click on, “Show More” option.

You will be shown the latest themes available under the following categories.

  • Abstract Patterns
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Celebrations
  • Fun
  • Games and Sports
  • Moods and Emotions
  • Nature
  • Music
  • India

You have the option to preview any theme, wherein if you like it, you can then save that particular Orkut theme.

If you like someone else’s Orkut profile theme, you can just grab it by using the “Get this theme” option which appears at the top of their profile.

If you want to disable themes, you can do so by making a tick mark next to the option called “Browse Orkut without themes”, which is available at the top of the “Themes Gallery” page.

Orkut Themes

You must be wondering how to change orkut themes other than the ones that Orkut provides by default. You can find the way to change Orkut themes by following the steps mentioned below.  Every Orkut theme presented below will give a stylish look to your orkut profile.

Steps Involved:

  • You should use Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Install a Plugin called “Grease Monkey”.[ Grease Monkey Link]
  • Now, restart the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • After restarting, choose and download any one Orkut theme given below.
  • Login to your Orkut account and apply the theme.

Download Free Orkut Themes

Aishwarya Orkut Theme

aishwarya rai theme

Download Here

Katrina Kaif Orkut Theme

katrina kaif theme

Download Here 

Kareena Kapoor Orkut Theme

kareena kapoor theme

Download Here

Harry Potter Orkut Theme

harrypotter theme


Download Here

Dark Knight Theme

Dark Knight theme

Download Here

SpiderMan Orkut Theme

spiderman theme

Download Here

LinkinPark Orkut Theme

linkinpark theme

Download Here

Remove Orkut Themes

Users who want to remove the orkut theme can do so by following the steps below.

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and go to “Tools” option and select “Add-Ons”.
  • Find out the “Grease Monkey” Plug-in and uninstall it.
  • Close your Mozilla Firefox browser now and restart it.
  • That’s all. Your orkut theme would be inactive.

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