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MKV Codec for Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player has become a very much popular media player to the computer users. We can watch videos and listen to music by this media player. One can easily download videos or music from internet and play in it. But sometimes we face

little problem that the downloaded files cannot be played by the windows player. If someone is a ‘net crazy’ he might be quite familiar with the term ’codec’.

What is a Codec

Codec is a nothing but software which is used for compression/decompression both of a file. It is basically a computer program which can shrink the large movie files into smaller size. The downloaded music and movies are played in your media player only because of the codec programs. Generally these Music and video files are large enough to transfer through the internet quickly. For this reason, mathematical ‘codecs’ were built to compress the file for easy transmission.

It also allows you to decompress files for viewing and editing. Without the codec the download experience would be worst and frustrating. A ‘codec’ is program and the ‘format’ is standard used for storing data. So don’t get mixed them up. Codec is basically a program which can read and write these files .It helps in easy transmission through internet and decodes downloaded files to make them playable in our players.

windows media player codecs

Downloading Codecs for your Player

But the problem is that there are hundreds of codec being used in internet for different purposes like playing mp3’s, audio and video compression, for streaming media over the videoconferencing, Internet, speech and you will need  have a combination to play those files. Sometime in the internet files are found compressed by obscure codec and it leads to trouble whiling playing those files. Recently different codec like MP3, WMA, RealVideo, RealAudio, DivX and XviD are available in the internet. But the easiest option is simply download “codec packs”. Codec packs are normally collections of codecs gathered in single large files. It is recommended to download the “codec packs” instead of going for individual.

You can visit http://www.fourcc.org/fcccodec.htm and get the necessary codec downloaded as you require.

Most Common Codecs

Here are two common types of format we generally use:

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is a common “container format” that is being used by many different codecs.

MKV format is a kind of Matroska media files. It is a new multimedia package format, also known as multi-media containers (Multimedia Container). It contains encoded video and more than 16 different formats of audio and subtitle streamed in different languages and packs them into a Matroska Media files.

Here are some useful codec packs:

CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack)

  • it is one of the most comprehensive codec packages.
  • specially built for playing the .mkv (matroska video) and .mka (matroska audio) files.
  • it helps you watch movies online.
  • designed such a way so that most of the (99%of the total) of the video formats can be played in it.
  • it gives you a virus-free experience and  still considered as an updated codec pack.
  • helps Windows Media or Classic Player to play video animation in MKV format.

Matroska Pack Lite

  • it is also a popular codec pack.
  • allows you to play matroska media files.
  • supports most of other modern videos.

XP Codec Pack

  • is a well tested, all-in-on codec collection.
  • small in size (less than 6MB).
  • provides a complete assemblies of codec.
  • it supports all major formats of audio and video.

K-Lite Codec Pack

  • It is a Very sleek and user-friendly codec package.
  •  useful for playing all kind of popular video formats.
  • it comes in different version: Basic, Standard, Full and Mega.
  • Mega version of it supports Real Alternative and QuickTime Alternative.

I hope this article is helpful to know the basics of Codec and the gives you a brief idea on how MKV codec is used in Windows Media Player.

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