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Mac Theme for Windows 7

Since the beginning, two giant companies, Microsoft and Apple have been competing against each other. Whenever one company launches something new, other company counters it by launching some products to offer more sophisticated service. Although currently, Microsoft has crawled ahead in the race, Apple still has its own place in people’s mind. Microsoft is often known for the types of services rather than its presentation, whereas Apple is best known for operating system and other services which also are eye appealing, e.g. Mac OS X.

In recent years, many people might have chosen Microsoft over Macintosh due to wide compatibility issues, but those which have used this beautiful OS in past, can probably never forget the beauty and elegancy of it. Although Microsoft has tried to provide something out of the box with windows 7, it doesn’t go anywhere near Mac. For the users who want to personalize their windows 7 to make it visually lookalike Mac, we have something in store; please read along for more!

Transformation Pack

If you are the one using Windows 7, why not make it shine like Mac OS X? Many sites provide transformation packs for doing so. But if one wants to secure its Windows then probably it will be better if he/she download a theme that takes its PC near the elegance of Mac. But for those who don’t mind fiddling with some system files, they can download the snow transformation pack. It will surely make one’s windows look like Mac.

Mac Theme Windows 7

Mac Theme

One can also give look of Mac OS leopard to its Windows 7 by applying a theme. The Mac OS theme has everything that is sure to spice up your daily computing. Interested Mac lovers can download the file which occupies only 2.7MB of space.


One can find many other sites letting users download Apple themes to take their Windows 7 near any version of Mac.

Some of them are as follows

  • http://windows7themes.net/windows-7-mac-theme.html
  • http://windows7design.com/apple-mac-themes-windows-7

Both the operating systems have their own places in user’s mind. People respect Windows 7 as very user friendly and easy-to-use operating system with familiar windows XP interface while other people have their faith upon Mac OS X as it has tremendously beautiful and eye catching interface and speed! It’s not the question which operating system you are using; the question is how you would like to see it!

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