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LogMeIn Login for Remote Desktop Access

LogMeIn is a remote desktop access tool. You can use LogMeIn to access your computer remotely from any location using the Internet. LogMeIn enables you to access files and folders and other information that resides on your computer at home or office. Remote desktop access using LogMeIn has other benefits such as remote troubleshooting and remote monitoring. These features are very useful for people who travel but need access to the information stored on their computer.


There are several versions of LogMeIn to choose from based on your needs and usage requirement. The different versions of LogMeIn are:

  • LogMeIn Rescue
  • LogMeIn Central
  • LogMeIn Pro
  • LogMeIn Free
  • LogMeIn Backup
  • LogMeIn Hamachi
  • LogMeIn Ignition

Each version has its own advantages. The LogMeIn Free provides basic features such as remote access and a login ID and password that can be used to access the software on your computer.

How to Log Into LogMeIn?

LogMeIn has a simple sign up and log in process. Before you can start using a version of the product you need to sign up for using the product. For signing up for the free service you need a valid email address. Follow these step by step instructions to log into LogMeIn:


  1. Go to the LogMeIn website
  2. Select Create an Account on the homepage
  3. Choose between the options provided based on your need. This can either be  to access a remote computer or provide remote support on demand
  4. Enter your email, password and the country in which you reside
  5. Click Continue
  6. Click Download
  7. Install the application after the download completes
  8. Check your mail for confirming your registration
  9. Open the LogMeIn desktop application
  10. Enter your email and password in the application start window
  11. Enter your email and password to access your computer from anywhere using the LogMeIn website

You have successfully logged into LogMeIn.

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