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Laptop Screen Replacement

Do you use a laptop?

Did you know that laptop screens are pretty prone to get damaged than desktop monitors?

Quite obviously when the screen gets damaged you are meant to replace it. When we are talking about desktops, this replacement is not much of a hassle. However when it is the laptop screen which gets damaged, replacement becomes a potential problem. Does that mean that you are supposed to buy a completely new laptop?  You can actually go about laptop screen replacement quite easily.


The items that you will need to replace the screen of your laptop

  • The replacement screen
  • A screwdriver
  • A bowl to keep the screws in place


The process of replacement of a laptop’s screen

Unscrew the screen: Although this sounds like a lame task, you would have to be extremely careful in this step. Invert your laptop on its back and start unscrewing very carefully. Start by removing the batteries and then proceed towards the screws on the sides. You can then unscrew the keyboard screw as well. Make sure you get the wireless card out as well.

Remove the speaker Bezel: Considering the fact that you have removed the batteries, it is taken for granted that the laptop has no power left. To ensure this further, you would have to punch on the main power button for a good 30 seconds or so. Once you have ensured that there is no power left in your system, you can take off the speaker bezel. It is important to ensure that you do not damage the delicate plastic clips in this process.

Wire the new screen:  Once you are through with the previous step, you would be able to observe, which wires are connecting your screen to the main system. In fact, if you look closely, you would notice that there are precisely 6 such wires. When you take a look at your new screen, you would realize the same regarding the new screen as well. Carefully unwire the old screen and wire up the new screen. Make sure you are not putting the wrong wire in the wrong socket.


The cost of replacing laptop screens

Laptop screen replacement is generally a costly affair. However more than the cost what makes it such an avoided option is the complexity of the entire process. That is why people generally entrust the task to professionals who charge quite an amount. If you are doing the task, yourself, then the total cost that would be incurred to you would be that of the replacement screens. If you want to go for branded screens, then you can be sure that the cost would be pretty high. However there are often non branded local variations of the laptop screens which are available. This would not cost as much. In case you want to save more money, you can actually consider buying a used laptop with a screen that is running pretty well. If you lay your hands upon one such model, then you can be sure that you have landed yourself the best deal.


Points to keep in Mind while replacing laptop screens

  • When you are buying the replacement screen, make sure that you are getting one which matches with your model.
  • When dealing with wires, ensure that you are grounded.
  • In case your laptop is within the warranty period, get it done by the professionals.


Just ensure that you do the task carefully. To know more detailed process of laptop screen replacement, you can checkout this tutorial.

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