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Laptop Overheating Problems and Solutions

Your laptop is too close to your heart right and you would not like even a scratch on it, but what if your laptop is facing overheating issue?

Well, laptop overheating is one of the most common issues that the user often faces with the device. Despair not, as there is a solution to every problem and this isn’t any different.

If you have been concerned about what causes your laptop to overheat – the probable answer lies with –

  • Lack of cooling
  • Clocked-up fan
  • Blockage of dust in exhaust ports and intake grills
  • Worsening thermal grease in between the CPU and heat sink
laptop overheating

Problems of Overheating Laptop

Overheating of laptops owe to multiple issues at the user-end. Here is a cue at the problems that you might face with laptop overheating issue –

  • Loss of Data
  • Damaged motherboard
  • Random blue screens
  • Expensive replacement of system components

In some cases, overheating of laptop often leads to serious health issues.

Laptop Overheating – The Indications

Well, prior to taking any action, you need to determine whether your laptop is facing overheating issues or not. Here is a look at the laptop overheating indicators –

  • The CPU fan is operating much louder and at maximum rotational speed than before.
  • The laptop shuts down without any warning, most often within 5-10 minutes of operation.
  • The bottom of your laptop and the keyboard is extremely hot during the functioning of the same.
  • The laptop starts creating problem while using applications that demands memory usage like, video editing software, image editing software, DVD Player, etc.

Solutions to Prevent Laptop Overheating

To fight the odds of overheating, you can consider following the below-mentioned practices-

  • Always use a cooling pad.
  • Always remember to place your laptop on a hard surface.
  • Remember to switch your PC off before placing it in a backpack.
  • Always maintain a weekly cleaning process of the air circulation arrangement of your laptop using compressed air.

Fixing the Overheating Concern

If none of the above-mentioned solutions tends to work for your laptop, you can consider adjusting the BIOS configuration on your system. A number of laptops available in the present age have BIOS enabled features that enable temperature warning of CPU, fan operation, and other adjustments. This particular laptop overheating fix can make your machine a bit slow, but is an effective fixer.

In other alternatives, you can rely upon software fixes addressing the power usage and performance of your laptop. Reducing the CPU clock speed or lessening the screen brightness can also help you fix the issue. However, if you tend to experience laptop overheating within the warranty period then, never hesitate reporting the same to the manufacturer for right assistance in overheating fix.

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