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iPhone Emulator for PC (Windows)

You must have heard about the iPhone already. It is perhaps the phone which created the greatest buzz among all people, be it techies or non-techies. There was a huge anticipation about its revolutionary release, and it still continues to rage in the markets. Nothing new needs to be said about the iPhone which you do not know already. However, the problem lies in the fact that the development is quite difficult.


The requirements for iPhone Emulator are:

  • The iPhone SDK – which includes the full iPhone emulator. All you need to do is register properly with Apple.
  • An Apple Mac – which provides a running version of the OS X


Thus, for those who are using Windows, it becomes difficult. However, you are fortunate, as you can download your free version from testiphone.com. The iPhone simulator is nothing but a software which allows you to test all your favorite web sites on a iPhone which is simulated. All you need to do is type in the required URL and there you go!


There are 3 main types under which all categories of emulators fall on Windows:

  • The device emulators – These are nearly always provided by the manufacturers of the respective devices. They are generally used for testing the various applications of the device on a simulated version in the web. The iPhone emulator falls under this category.
  • The browser emulator – They are used for simulation of various mobile browsers and their environments. You can check out the various functions of your browser here.
  • The operating system emulator – As you can understand from the name itself, it provides an emulator for applications and environment within an operating system. For example a web browser. It is provided by Google, Microsoft for Android and Windows Mobile respectively.


The main problems that occur with the emulators are that it is just a simulation, so there is no real guarantee that things will work out just as smoothly as the real thing. There may be many small changes which may show some large effects. This goes all the more for those emulators which are not created by the manufacturer of the product.


iPhone Firefox Extension

A very nice iPhone emulator on PC is the Firefox extension of the iPhone. Though it is still on an experimental platform and not really official, but you can still download it for free and has amazing simulations. It is very close to the real thing and you get a real feel of what the iPhone is all about. Almost all the iPhone features are available in this emulator. It provides a life like iPhone interface and allows you to go through all its applications.



Another great iPhone emulator for PC is the iPhoneBT. Checkout the documentation and project source at SourceForge.

Download Link.



One of the great working iPhone emulators for PC. This is developed and supported by Genuitec.

Download Link.



Here is another iPhone simulator for Windows. This is created and supported by Blockbaud Labs. You can checkout the podcast to have an idea of this amazing tool.

Download Link.


The applications of the Apple iPhone are almost similar to that of the iPod. The applications and programs are designed in a very similar fashion. You can play all the songs using an iPhone emulator, which is freely downloadable from the Internet.

The steps can be summarized below:

  • You need to download the iPhone emulator into your PC. It is very easy to install into your system. You only need to follow the given instructions.
  • After it has been successfully installed, then use the iTunes syncing program.
  • Use the iPhone emulator program by using the All Applications option. After this all you need to do is click on the “Sync notification” option and then choose the “enable sync” option.
  • The rest is easy. Just click on the “Devices” option in your iPhone emulator. Then select the “Apps” tab and then Sync successfully. Once the synchronization is performed, use the eject option from the pop-up menu.
  • Once you are done, then quit the iTunes window. Now you can play your music using the iPhone emulator. As long a you keep playing. You have to use the emulator.

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