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iPhone 5 Release Date Speculations

Demise of Steve

With the unexpected demise of Steve Jobs, the tech World was very busy pouring out words of solace for the great man whom many consider was a key player in the modern day computer technologies and mobile platforms we see today. Many have doubts regarding what the company would be like after his demise and Apple has stated that the company would fulfil the dream of its founder in any way it can.

iPhone 5: Steve’s last contribution


But Steve’s unexpected death turned the attention of the World from a buzzing topic from Apple which is undoubtedly the release of the next generation iPhone or the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is the last product of Apple to which Steve Jobs has been an active contributor. Rumours of the release date of the iPhone 5 were prevalent in the market ever since the previous incarnation i.e. the iPhone 4G hit the stores. However as a disappointment to many around the world Apple did not launch the iPhone 5 as the successor to the iPhone 4G. Instead they launched a low profile version of the 4G which was dubbed the iPhone 4S.

Speculative Dates


Initially it was stated by various sources that iPhone 5 will hit stores in late September of 2011. However no such event happened. Then news regarding several Apple stores closing in the USA for renovation triggered speculation that the phone will make its debut in the first week of October in the United States. Dates were possibly pegged as October 5th or 15th.

Several Asian tech blogs reported that the iPhone 5 will hit stores in China and Japan on November 2nd week. All these statements drew little or no response from Apple as the company remained mum about the prospects of the iPhone 5.

Some websites reported that the new device would not be showcased to the public until its mid 2012. Europeans are hopeful from several rumours that indicate the device will hit stores by the beginning of January 2012.

iphone 5

No matter when the device is launched, it is expected to rock the market.


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