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iPad 3 – Release Dates, Rumors and Expected Features

iPad 3 Release Dates

In the summer of 2010, Apple brought out its signature tablet, the iPad. Today, after the release of iPad 2 in March 2011, more than 80% of the tablets in US are iPads; the Apple’s tablet has yet shown its competitors the upcoming trend and set up strong customer base from the existing tablet users.

Talking of the iPad 3 release, with the version 2 out in March 2011, Apple plans to make some more fixes and improvements before its next release of iPad 3. Although in the first of its meetings, Apple was hoping to release the iPad 3 in the holiday season in 2011, the launch towards the end of year 2011 is supposedly being postponed towards the fall of 2012.

Reasons/Rumors for Delay in Release of iPad 3

Authorities rumour a lot of developmental reasons behind this possible delay. Believed to be ready for release on the eve of 2012, the iPad 3 faced problems with the displays provided by LG and as such the company had to switch to new provider which itself is another reason for the delay. Apple has been debating upon its release dates for a long time now; from the holiday season 2011, to later this year and finally to the break of 2012, Apple believes that iPad 3 is one of the most anticipated devices in the tablet industry and is believed to be another crowd pleasing feature for the company.

Expected iPad 3 Features

Design enhancementsiPad 3


  • The most basic feature outlining the iPad 3 is supposedly the proposed 2048 by 1536 pixels high resolution display.
  • Thinner and sleeker design, nearly 20% lesser in size compared to iPad 2.
  • The pack is said to carry a lighter but slighter costlier battery pack.

Performance enhancementsapple-icloud-photo


  • Apple plans to incorporate the A6 quad core processor in iPad 3, reducing fabricating cost for the chip and also providing improved performance.
  • The iPad 3 will also run on iOS 5, promising better task handling and better multi-tasking.
  • Wireless device charging
  • Inbuilt Apple’s patented iCloud service to help online data exchange and transfer.
  • Improvised 5MP camera with LED flash, sleeker in design and giving the device a thinner look as a whole
  • Video quality is supposed to go up to 1080p.
  • Fingerprint proof screen coated with oleo phobic materials, the chemical which makes the screen attain less affinity towards oil and fingerprints.

Final Word

Towards the closing statements, the iPad 3 is packing in itself load of newer and better features that would not only give it a winning edge but better acceptance by the people. Apart from the features described above, the iPad 3 is also known to improvise upon a load of features that are already available on past releases of Apple. As such, the better retina display, and multi-touch sensitive screen are an icing on the cake. All in all the iPad 3 is one product one must look out for.


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