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Idea GPRS Settings

Idea cellular is one of the biggest mobile phone service providers in India. Idea GPRS  offers value for money internet browsing options on your phone and you can choose a plan of your liking and subscribe to it. GPRS is a low cost internet connectivity option. You do not require a 3G compatible phone to enable GPRS on your phone. The Internet speeds using GPRS can vary from 56 kbps to 128 kbps. The amount of Internet usage per month is capped, based on the plan you choose.


Unlike 3G, you can access Internet using GPRS even in places with low mobile coverage. Ideas, with their large cellular network provide consistent service in remote areas of the country. Idea also has Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) pack that gets activated along with the GPRS pack.  You can use the MMS feature to send videos and pictures as messages to your friends and family.


GPRS Settings

Before you start using your mobile phone for browsing Internet, you have to activate the Idea GPRS pack and configure the relevant settings. Some phones have specific settings; if you have problems accessing Internet even after configuring; contact an Idea customer service executive by calling the Idea service at 12345. You have to mention the model of your mobile phone so that they can help you with the configuration.


You can follow these step by step instructions to configure GPRS settings on your mobile phone:

  1. Select Settings on your mobile phone
  2. Select Network Settings
  3. Select GPRS
  4. Enter the following details under the relevant section
  5. Enter the Account Name as idea_GPRS
  6. Username: Leave it blank
  7. Password: Leave it blank
  8. Homepage – http://techzoomer.com/
  9. Enter the Proxy and Server Port as 8080
  10. Enter the Proxy and Server address as
  11. Enter the Data bearer of the service as GPRS / Packetdata
  12. Access Point Name – imis
  13. Proxy – Enabled/yes
  14. Select the Authentication Type as Normal

You have successfully configured Idea GPRS on your phone.

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