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How to Download Google Books

Google Books is the largest e-book library without any doubt. You get to read thousands of books there but reading directly from Google Books is really inconvenient. There are some other problems associated with it too. They are:

  • Google Book’s inbuilt reader is very old and not good for long reading hours.
  • It contains a lot of advertisements, search boxes and related books. These additional elements can distract readers’ attention.
  • One needs to open browser for reading each book
  • Google Books does not allow you to read books from its gallery when you are offline
  •  You cannot print books. You have to sit straight and constantly look at your computer screen to read books from Google Books
  • Google does not allow you to use any e-book reader also
  • You cannot use any mobile device too
  •  Moreover, downloading option is not available

Now, let me share a few useful methods that will help you to download your favorite books from the Google Books despite all these constraints.

Our suggestions

  1. Apply Google PDF download which is available with books out of the copyright terms
  2. Manually download from browser cache
  3. Take help of Google books downloader

Now let’s elaborate the above mentioned methods for your convenience

  1. Apply Google PDF Download Feature

As I mentioned before, Google offer PDF download option for some out of copyright books so that readers can download them. You have to click on the ‘Full view books’ option before entering your search to locate such books. You will able to download PDF of these books by clicking on the ‘Download’ button on the public domain books. But the problem is that Google does not allow download of all fully viewed books in form of PDF files.

  1. Manual Download from Browser Cache

You can save each page of Google Books as PNG image and save files by applying the ‘save page as’ format. You must use Internet Explorer for the whole process. You can use the following wizards too:

  • Open folder “C:Documents and Settings%USER%Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files” and delete all the contents of the folder
  • Scroll down till the end of the book you want from Google Books
  • Open ‘Temporary Internet Files’ and copy PNG files
  • Now either print PNG files or apply a PDF arranger to convert all files into a single PDF file
  1. Google Books Downloader

Apply Google Books downloader such as GooReader or Google Book Downloader 0.6.9 Build 33532 Beta etc. This is the best option because the other two not always work properly and can hang your system. 

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