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Harry Potter Font Generator

If you are a big fan of Harry Potter or if you run a blog about the Harry Potter novel series or the movies, you are sure to be in need of some special Harry Potter fonts to add a unique touch to your blog. How would you feel when we say that there are lots of specially designed Harry Potter fonts available through various sources in the internet? They are sure to add that extra touch to your blog, site or poster or anything else for that matter that relates to world of the wizardry and witchcraft.


Types of Harry Potter Fonts

Lumos is a popular Harry Potter font that is available for free of cost. It looks quite similar to the Ablefont and supports only capital letters.

Parseltoungue font is based on the serpent font that had been used on the cover of the 2nd Harry Potter novel. This font was released in the year 2001 and has the most popular headline type font. This font is also said to support only capital letters, however the uppercase letters are sure to add an extra flavor to your poster, blog or site.

Both these fonts are some of the famous Harry Potter fonts that were created by some Harry Potter fans.

Some of the other Harry Potter fonts that have a special Harry Potter touch to them are:

  • Milky Way
  • Hagrid
  • Parry Hotter
  • Moonstar
  • Hogwarts Outline
  • ES Potter
  • Magik
  • Troll Bait
  • Hogwarts Wizard

Font Generator

There are various font generators that help you to generate Harry Potter fonts such as Limos, Parseltoungue, Parry Hotter, HarryP, Hagrid, Moonstar, Magik and lots more.

Font MeMe is one website that allows you to generate all the above mentioned Harry Potter fonts. You just have to select the Harry Potter font and then enter the text, text size and the text color to generate the font. You can either download the design or the font too.


MyFont.de is another German website that lets you to generate HarryP font. You have to enter the text, text size, text color and the background color and then click on the “Create” option to generate the font. You can then right click on the preview generated and download the text as an image file.


So go ahead generating whichever font you like in Harry Potter and start writing emails or documents with them and get everyone impressed.

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