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Google Docs iPhone App

Google Docs is a web based application that helps you to keep a list of all your important documents, presentations and spreadsheets in one place. You can edit them as per your choice and share them with anyone. Google Docs for iPhone is not available in the form of an app. You need to open up the Safari browser on your iPhone and then visit Google Docs to have a look at your documents online. You should also remember that you are only allowed to edit the files and not allowed to create a new one using your iPhone. You can edit both documents and spreadsheets.

google docs iphone app

Eminent Features

The following are the major features you can perform by visiting the above said URL.

  • View all Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations
  • Filter the files according to starred files and files that are created by you
  • Edit the files
  • Search the files according to the file name

Main Page

The main page shows all your documents that are displayed by the creation date such as “Today”, “This Year” and lots more. On the bottom of this same page you can surf your folder hierarchy and also browse through the files present inside every folder.


You can actually make quick edits by just tapping on any document area or table cell and then start typing the text. You can then use the “Submit” button to save all the changes. The spreadsheets are displayed using HTML tables and also support numerous sheets. The presentation files also open up in a nice manner. You can start a slideshow of the file by default when you examine them. Separate buttons are present for navigating through the slides and exiting out of the slide show. The document files are switched to HTML to enable quick reading on your mobile device. You can only observe the iPhone version if you use Safari browser on your iPhone. If you open the same URL on the PC you can still see a mobile version of those documents that consists of similar aspects. The documents will be light weight in nature.

You can try it using this URL on your PC or Mac.

GoDocs for iPhone and iPad

Here is another interesting way to work on all your Google documents. GoDocs for iPhone is an useful app which lets you view and edit all your Google documents much easily. But this is a paid app.

Download GoDocs for iPhone from Apple Store – $4.99.

So now enjoy Google documents on your iPhone and view or edit your business documents on the fly.

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