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Google Chrome to Phone

For long now, the hyped up talks about the power of the cloud and computing on the go has been going around. And this not only is a fact that cloud computing has immense scope for development but also is true that technology running on the cloud and powering similar applications are starting to fill up the market. And one such application comes from pioneers in web-applications; Google. The data transfer among devices and a variety of platforms has been the major highlight of cloud computing and in recent times, this market has been under the spotlight due to the growing demand of integration among all platforms and devices.

Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome to Phone extension is one add-on for the browser Chrome as well as Firefox and works as an application on the Android platform. The extension being installed in the browser allows the users to share data like texts, links as well as map data from a personal computer to a handheld device easily. The idea of being able to share data on the click of a mouse button is indeed a spark that makes the online jobs easier and more integrated.

The extension can be found at Google Chrome Store and is among the most successful Google Chrome extensions in the Web store.

google chrome

Google Chrome to Phone Features

The basic functionalities of the extension cum application is that –

  • Enables you to send over links to an Android device
  • Share map data
  • Copy a piece of text on PC which gets up on the phone’s clipboard
  • Allows remote number sharing to the phone’s dialler

Thus all in all the Chrome to Phone application would host all the cloud information exchange against an account; and in this case one needs to authorize the browser extension as well as the phone using a Google account.

Google Chrome to Phone Android Application

Google Chrome to Phone application is available for Android mobile users, which found on the Android Marketplace.

Once both these apps as well as the extension are up and running, the final step is to authorize them with a Google Account. It is essential that this step is carried out for both the ends, so as to facilitate the flow of information. Once done, the link is all set up to give a go to the sharing of data through the cloud.

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