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FaceBook Mobile Login (m.facebook.com)

FaceBook that began as a social network utility is now much more than that. With over 800 million subscribers around the world, with 400 million logged in at any given time, it’s no surprise that FaceBook would like to integrate its evolution with the latest trends and innovations in internet technology. The latest and hottest trend in the Internet technology would easily qualify as the extension of the internet to mobile phones. You can now use your mobile phone to connect with your friends and stay in touch with other happenings on FaceBook.

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FaceBook Mobile log-in Site

Most iPhones and smartphones now offer access to the internet. With more than one billion smartphones in circulation the world over, more and more users access their FaceBook utility from their mobiles. As a matter of fact, 65 million users now access FaceBook from their mobile phones. To make sure their users are comfortable using FaceBook on their mobiles, the social networking company has launched their FaceBook mobile site that enables users to log-in and carry FaceBook, wherever they go.

All mobile phone users need to do is access m.facebook.com from their mobile phone menus to log in to FaceBook. There are no extra charges for using FaceBook on your mobile except what you already pay as your data plan.

What began as a simple website that only had status updates and photo upload features has now morphed into a full blown website that integrates advanced features for several handsets including Blackberry and Nokia. Two popular websites have been designed by FaceBook namely m.Facebook.com and x.Facebook.com that cater to smartphones. The site is available in 60 languages which enhances its global functionality and appeal.

The Best FaceBook Mobile Applications

FaceBook developers are offering their subscribers all the applications that are available on the laptops and computers now on their mobiles. Recognizing that the mobile phone use is here to stay – and grow in numbers – FaceBook has adapted and evolved all its applications for the mobile phone users.

Here some of the most popular Facebook Mobile apps –

Facebook apps for iPhone

Official Facebook iPhone App

Official Facebook Messenger for iPhone

iLoader for Facebook

VideoTime for Facebook

VideoGet for Facebook

PhotoLoader Lite for Facebook

WeTalk for Facebook

TextPics for Facebook

Photos 3D for Facebook

AddFriend for Facebook

Facebook iPad Apps

Official Facebook iPad app

MyPad for Facebook


VideoTime for Facebook

ChatNow for Facebook

Facebook apps for Android

Official Facebook Android App

Official Facebook Messenger

Go!Chat for Facebook

GoSMS Chat Plugin for Facebook

Seesmic – much more than Facebook

Video for Facebook

FriendCaster for Facebook

Funny Status for Facebook Lite

Mobile phone users may now access a wide variety of applications on their smartphones and Blackberries such as Nimbuzz which is a FaceBook chat facility you can use to talk to your friends using your mobile phone.

This application is given free-of-cost and is available for users of – 

Other FaceBook applications include uploading photos, browsing news feeds, checking friend’s statuses and profiles as well as access the ‘like’ feature. The mobile FaceBook applications can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet.

So now on your mobile should not face any more difficulties in getting connected to Facebook and stay connected with all the joy and fun of social sharing and networking. Do let us know which one is your favorite.

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