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Expat Shield – Download and Features

ExpatShield is a software application that allows you to browse the web anonymously from anywhere in the world. This application allows you to take full control over your information that you share on the web and provides privacy and security. The web has become a dangerous place with worms, Trojans and new viruses designed to steal information but ExpatShield provides you safe access to all your favorite websites.


ExpatShield also protects your vital information that is stored in your computer. There are many ways in which websites and portals can gain access to your information through cache files and cookies. ExpatShield ensures that your information is not shared on the web and acts as a shield between you and the outside world. Vital information like your name, your browsing history and passwords are vulnerable to attacks and hacking if you do not have software application to protect them.

Expat Shield Features

Some of the salient features of ExpatShield are:

  • Protects your information from online threats
  • Assigns a UK IP address that allows you to access any service around the world
  • ExpatShield is a freeware

Buying things online also becomes a more pleasurable activity as your credit card information is safe with ExpatShield installed on your computer.  If you are using a laptop, you can confidently connect to Wi-Fi or other wireless hotspots without fearing for the security of the information present in your laptop.

ExpatShield also makes it possible for you to access any website around the world. This software application assigns an IP (Internet Protocol) address of a United Kingdom location to ensure that you have access to all the best content from around the world and this is very useful if you are living in a location that the website does not support.

Expat Shield Download

ExpatShield is a freeware. You can download and install ExpatShield on your Windows XP/Vista/7 computer free of cost. You can download ExpatShield from this link: http://expatshield.com/.

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