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How to Rip DVD to iPhone – Converters

We cannot think iPhone without music and we all love to watch & listen to some good music in our iPhone from our own DVD collections. Now in order to do so, we need to convert our DVDs to our iPhone so that we can enjoy our own choice of music


How to Rip DVD to iPhone


All we just need is couple of software:

Stepping Forward

Here is the step by step procedure to convert DVD to iPhone:

  1. We need to install both Handbrake & DVD43. (DVD43 requires a restart.)
  2. Load a DVD in the DVD drive and then we have to start Handbrakeread_dvd
  3. We need to select DVD as our source and by clicking on browse we need to select the source location of the DVD’s video file and then click on OK.video_ts
  4. After selecting OK, informational message will be displayed which means that Handbrake will be reading information from DVD.
  5. Once this is done a setting page will appear where we need to select a few things given below :
    1. Select a DVD title
    2. Select a destination directory.
    3. Select encoders (select AAC for Audio)
    4. Select Width/Height (select 480×320)
    5. Selection of Avg Bit rate (we can decide according to our choice)
    6. Target size (select 800)encode_video
  1. Click on Encode.

Download Link

We can use the below links to download Handbrake & DVD43:

Other DVD to iPhone Converters

Few of other DVD to iPhone converters is:

  1. Weeny Free Video Converter

  1. Moyea FLV Editor Pro


  1. Sothink Video Converter


  1. DVD Ripper


  1. Zune Video Converter


All these converters makes the conversion of DVD to iphone very easier.So what are you all waiting for,just download the converter and convert your favourite music from the DVD and listen it in your very own iPhone but don’t forget to put your valuable comments and suggestions here.

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