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Downloading Videos from Megavideo

Megavideo is video sharing and streaming website. It was launched as a direct rival to YouTube. Over time, it has become as popular as its rival video streaming websites and also among sections of users who find YouTube’s restrictions painful and would rather prefer the freedom provided by Megavideo.


Megavideo lets you watch videos for free. The only restriction is with the number of free minutes of video that you can watch at a stretch. There are many ways to walk around that restriction too but in this article let us look at how you can download videos from Megavideo.

There are different methods of downloading from Megavideo. Some of the popular and working methods are provided here although applications like Clipnabber are popular among users to download videos from YouTube and other video sharing websites. Follow these step by step method to download the Megavideo file on to your computer:

Method One

This method only works when you have the Mozilla Firefox web browser installed on your computer. This Firefox Add-on provides the functionality to download videos from the Megavideo website to your computer. This is a straightforward method. Follow these step by step instructions to download the Megavideo file to your computer:


  1. Install Mozilla Firefox on your computer
  2. Open the Mozilla Firefox web browser
  3. Go to the Download Helper Add-on website by clicking on this link
  4. Click Download Now
  5. Click Install
  6. Select Tools from the Menu Bar
  7. Select Extensions from the Menu Bar
  8. Check if the Download Helper Add-on is installed
  9. Go to the Megavideo file that you want to download
  10. Click on the Download Helper animated button that appears on your browser’s toolbar

This extension also allows you to download videos from other video sharing and streaming websites like Dailymotion and YouTube.

Method Two

This method does not require any specific browser to download the video but it is a little more complex than the previous method. This method involves identifying the temporary video file that gets saved  on your computer when streaming and then relocating it to another folder so that it does not get deleted when you delete other temporary files or close the browser. You can use the previous method if you have the Firefox browser. In this method we can see how you can download a Megavideo file using Internet explorer, although this method can also be used to download videos using other browsers. Follow these step by step instructions to download the Megavideo file:


  1. Go to the Megavideo website and click on the video that you want to download
  2. Locate the temporary video file by going to this location in your computer:

C:Documents and Settings*USERNAME*Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files

Note: Replace *USERNAME* with your Windows username

  1. Enable “Show hidden files and folders” from your Folders option
  2. Sort the files in descending order
  3. Look for the file that has Megavideo in the Internet Address column
  4. Check the Last Accessed column, your video file will be the latest in that column
  5. Copy that file into a different folder

You have successfully downloaded a Megavideo video file.

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