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DirectShow Decoder Features and Codec Pack

DirectShow or Quartz as it is very commonly codenamed, is basically a Microsoft product which is used extensively by software developers all over the world as a multimedia framework to perform various operations using streams and media files. It is sometimes also called DShow or just DS. It is commonly based on the Microsoft COM (Component Object Model) framework. It is an advancement of the earlier Video for Windows version of Microsoft.

However, now Microsoft is planning to gradually replace the DirectShow with the Media Foundations in a slow process for all future versions of Windows. Other competitive software includes Linux multimedia frameworks like Xine and GStreamer, and Apple’s Quick time framework.

DirectShow is a programming interface which is also used by companies other than Microsoft. You will find its applications in Fast Video Indexer and the hugely popular Windows Media Player. If you are installing the original Windows operating system in your computer, then the DirectShow comes for free. It is installed in your computer too. It is mostly used to record or render almost all sorts and formats of media files depending upon the requirements of the user or the software developer. It has very advanced and user friendly tools which makes working very easy and pleasurable. DirectShow not only helps you to play videos and capture videos, but it also helps you to solve many problems like video processing and even real time analysis of videos.


How does DirectShow work?

The DirectShow software which is installed in your computer has a number of filters in it. It is used to form a filter graph. Each filter graph has a reading filter – which helps it to read files or streams from the Internet, or even from a web camera, then there is the decoder filter – which helps to decode the encrypted information back to its normal self, and finally there is the rendering filter – which shows you the filtered data. Generally the streams used are audio or video streams, though some other types are also in use.

DirectShow is used by the Fast vide indexer to form indexes out of video streams. Generally, only the AVI and VFW formats are selected as default. Other file types can also be used, but then you need to have the appropriate codec. For example if you want to run a MKV file, then you need to have a proper MKV codec too for the functioning of the Fast Video indexer. It uses DirectShow for the sole purpose of decoding the video streams and then again using the appropriate codec depending upon the file type, to set up those frames as pictures.


DirectShow Features

  • DirectShow is usually used to decode a video stream.
  • The filter graph shows all the codecs which are present there, and they coordinate to perform the function.
  • Each codec takes its data and after processing it passes it over to the next in line.
  • The filters are individually independent, but are still working together as a team!
  • DirectShow makes it easy to solve many different types of problems which are normally faced while using filters on video streams.


Files which are supported by DirectShow

DirectShow consists of teamwork of many different independent filters, which can be made more extensive by adding more filters if necessary. Thus, it can support many files.

By default it only supports VFW and AVI files. But you can download more filters so that it supports others too. Almost all formats of videos can be supported.

QuickTime is not by default supported, but you can download the filters which are required.

Even Real Media can be supported after downloading the required codecs.

After the introduction of Windows Vista, the DirectShow filters have extended to even DVD VOB and MPEG formats!

Filters for Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora, FLAC, and WebM.

Directshow Decoder Download

Download DirectShow filter pack to enable more than 40 formats support.

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