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Computer (PC) Keeps Restarting Problem and Solutions

Are you in the middle of a project and your computer is constantly restarting without alert? An entire concept can get messed up in the middle when your computer/PC keeps restarting. Goodness, it is a waste of time, energy and money and who knows the client might even reject the assignment for unnecessary delay. Is it worth losing an assignment for a silly reason like computer restarting? The meddling issue arises most often due to incompatible software uploads or other peripherals like scanners and printers and overheating of computer parts.

windows keeps restarting

This guide includes two parts as follows:

Part1: Problematic reasons for PC restart.

Part 2: Solutions for PC restart without alert.

Problematic reasons for PC restart

The problem is encountered whenever system failure occurs. Complaints on repetitive computer restart are fairly common. Computer restarting without warning pertains to certain internal system errors, which can be mended by experts and those having proper knowledge on the system.

Let us take a look at problems leading to sudden restart of the machines.

  • Hard disk failure/faults
  • Overheating of the computer system
  • Irrevocable errors in RAM
  • Errors due to connection with an external USB port or device
  • A major hardware error
  • Uploading of incompatible software systems
windows restarting

Solutions for PC restart without alert

Unnecessary restart can lead to major problems. If you are busy with an ongoing project or are in the middle of presentation when your computer starts behaving strange, then its time you look into possible ways of eliminating the problem.

  • The system has a fan to cool the processor. Find out if the cooling fan inside is working properly. A clean and efficient fan helps avoid heat generated by functioning of the processor.
  • The faulty RAM is often the culprit behind computer/PC restart. Sometimes RAM runs in different frequencies with multiple modules that lead to restarting of the computer. Install a new RAM module making sure it suits with the capacity of the motherboard.
  • Overheating of the hard disk often lead to PC restart. As the temperature rises, malfunctioning of the system starts to occur. It is better you place the cabinet at a well-ventilated area. See that the cooling fans inside the system work properly.
  • Computer restarting can be a sign of inappropriate software installation. It is not necessary that your computer would accept all software systems you upload in it. Uploading incompatible software systems lead to system failure. Immediately uninstall the program to help your computer survive.
  • A faulty USB device often leads to computer restarting problems. Remove the device at once to attain normalcy.
  • An error with the motherboard often causes system failure leading to computer restart. Call a technician immediately to get the problem fixed.

So, the next time your computer/PC keeps restarting, you can investigate the above mentioned factors; and seek a possible solution for hassle-free operation of your system.

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