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Color Palette Generator

Whenever you create a website or work on any graphic design task, you need to ensure that the color palette consists of the correct choice of colors. You need to use colors that go together. However, finding the right colors is always said to be a challenge. You need to be very careful in choosing the colors to suit any design. During such situations, you can make use of the color palette generator. A color palette generator is the right tool that suits the need and requirement of anyone who is looking for a color scheme.

Online Color Palette Generator

There are various color palette generators available online and most of them are said to be code driven and consist of various traits to assist people to create the right color scheme. When you count such online color palette generators, it might sum up to 50 or more.

Here are some of the best online color palette generators.

DeGraeve – Color Palette Generator

This color palette generator allows you to create a color scheme from any image. You can add the URL of the image in the empty field and click on the button “Color-Palette-fy” to get 10 colors that are present in the image.



Color Scheme Designer

This color palette generator is said to be the one that is used by most designers. This tool is said to offer a better preview of the colors, and is loaded with lots of aspects. It also offers the everlasting URL for the color scheme you produce.

color scheme designer


 Kuler Color Generator by Adobe

This tool helps you to generate a color scheme from a color selector or from any image. You are also allowed to choose a mood, which will help you to pick some colors that are best described by a specific mood. You have the option of saving your color theme and also sharing it with the Kuler community. You can also browse other Kuler users and get to use their color themes for your work.

Kuler color generator


CSS Drive – Color Palette Generator

This color palette generator is pretty similar to DeGreave’s color palette generator. You can upload an image from your computer or from the web. Once your image is uploaded you can choose any color palette, be it light, medium or dark. You can also choose from a complete list of colors. You can also download the file that consists of all the CSS color codes or a Photoshop color swatch file.

CSS drive color generator


Color Schemer Online V2

This color palette generator is said to be very simple in nature. You can pick any color of your choice while this tool will offer you with 16 colors to generate your color palette from. A desktop version of this tool is also available that will help you to perform the job in a much easier manner.

Color Schemer Online V2


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