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BSNL GPRS Settings

BSNL has been a pioneer in data services through mobile phone in India. They introduced their GPRS services quite early when compared to other mobile phone service providers. BSNL also has the largest network that spans even small towns and villages across the country. BSNL provides different data plans that have to be activated before you can start using their services. Lists of data plans are available for download from this link.


BSNL GPRS has restrictions on the amount of bandwidth provided and the download upload limit for a specified time. You have to choose a plan that is beneficial to you. The GPRS works even in places with low network coverage because it works on the normal 2G network and not the new 3G spectrum. It is also much more reliable than 3G but comes with restrictions in speed and limitations for downloading large files.

GPRS Settings

There are two kinds of settings that you can use to configure your phone to work with BSNL GPRS. The first settings are automatic settings that can be used with any phone. The second settings are mobile phone provider specific and if you want to configure your phone using this settings you need to call the customer service that will help you configure your phone.


Settings 1

You can follow these step by step instructions to automatically configure BSNL GPRS:

  1.  Select Settings on your mobile phone
  2.  Select Network Settings
  3. Select GPRS
  4. Enter the following information:
  5. Setting Name BSNL-INTERNET
  6. Enter Access Point Name as GPRSSOUTH.CELLONE.IN
  7. Enter User Name as your mobile number. For Example: 94xxxxxxxx)
  8. Enter the BSNL GPRS Dial-up Number. You can either enter *99# or *99***1#

Settings 2

You can follow these settings to manually configure your phone to start using BSNL GPRS:

  1. Call BSNL customer care at 1800 180 1503 or 1503
  2. Mention your mobile phone model to the BSNL customer service executive
  3. You will receive your GPRS settings through a text message
  4. Save the settings received through sms.
You have successfully configured GPRS on your BSNL mobile phone.

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