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Best Slideshow Software

Slideshows are an interesting way of presenting an idea to people. As they are shown to several people, they should be well created. In order to create that winning presentation you need to use the best slideshow software. To qualify as the best slideshow software, the software should be user friendly as well as allow the user to create animations and slide transitions with ease. The user should also be able to adjust the transition timing according to his needs. Apart from this, the software should also come with advanced features like the ability to embed videos and audios.

The market today is flooded with some amazing slideshow software. Thus, it is slightly tough to pick out single software. The choice of the best slideshow software may also vary from one user to another because a lot of it is based on what the user’s needs and preferences are.


DVD Slideshow Builder

The DVD Slideshow Builder is software that is powerful and has an easy-to-use interface. It facilitates the creation of photo slideshows plus movies where you can use music, video clips and photos.

After having installed this slideshow software when you run it for the first time you will find that there are two modes on offer-one is the ‘Standard mode’ and the other is the ‘Advanced mode’. You may select either of the modes. The ‘Standard’ mode uses a wizard that comes with pre-programmed styles and it takes very less time to ready the product. On the other hand, the ‘Advanced’ mode takes a little longer to create the final product but you are given greater control over your creation. It allows you to select the transition between slides, add special effects, and include voiceovers and a plethora of other options. You can also touch up your photos and video by using crop, special effects, rotate, etc.


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Proshow Gold

Proshow gold is slideshow software that you can use for sharing great memories. It facilitates the easy creation of photos and video slideshows. With the help of this slideshow software you can bring photographs to life. It allows you to add certain effects and captions to your slideshow too.

However, it is not very easy to use and requires a couple of days to learn. It is worth learning though, as after the learning curve you will be pleased with the slideshows you will be able to create.

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Animoto is slideshow software that excels in the creation of video slideshow. It has the capability to turn the videos, photos and music you have into a movie like creation in a couple of minutes. It also syncs with Flicr, Facebook, Photobucket, etc so that you can get your pictures easily. You may also upload mp3 music-either from your own collection or from Animoto’s collection.

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Photo Expressions Platinum 5

This is great slideshow software that comes with amazing high definition slideshow. It also offers robust file support and effects for making the slideshow interesting and visually appealing. However, it does not offer voice recording facility and also does not allow text animations.


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