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Best Email Clients for Mac

Whether you are a businessman or a regular web visitor, you must always prefer to use such an operating system that can help you manage your work with ease and perfection. Mac is one such advanced PC operating system that can not only delight web users with its outstanding range of features but can help graphic designers to a great extent helping them work with virtual scrapbooking, Adobe Photoshop and many more.

Top 5 Email Clients for Mac

Mac OS X Mail

If there is any flexible and powerful email program, its none other than Mail. Having built into Mac OS X, this email program brings a quality spam filter that serves as a protection against junk mails.


  • Mac OS X Mail helps you manage RSS news feeds, mails and notes with comfort and convenience.
  • Users get to search faster and quicker.
  • The user can send rich as well as plain messages, and can even make use of nice stationery to create stylish emails.

Download Mac OS X Mail Here


It’s one of the popular email clients for Windows and OS X.    Having built on Mozilla Thunderbird Code, Postbox comes with rich features along with the facility of making social connections through popular networking sites. Postbox even acts as a directory for contacts, messages, links, images, attachments etc.


  • Helps you access IMAP and POP mail accounts.
  • Let users attach files, links and images faster.
  • With the help of tabs, one can let one’s topics, messages and folders remain open.

Download Postbox Here

Magellan Pro

It’s indeed a flexible client supported by an inbuilt database for quality performance. With a brilliant multilingual base and an internal spam filter, the users will be able to auto process messages.


  • Lets users flexibly access emails.
  • Enables international language support
  • Anti-spam filter installed within.

Download Magellan Pro Here


It’s another efficient client of Mac. Users can access IMAP, POP and Exchange servers and can even allow native support for Hotmail. There is no doubt that it’s one of the most powerful clients of Mac.


  • With Entourage, one can manage email with the help of categories, filters as well as calendar integration.
  • With strong IMAP support, Entourage helps users access Exchange servers.
  • A good junk mail filter keeps the user miles from receiving spam.

Download Entourage Here


It’s a reliable client of Mac and is considered to be one of the fastest mail applications.


  • Users can access multiple IMAP and POP accounts.
  • Powerful filter criteria provided for users.
  • One can access the new messages quickly in Powermail from the window ‘recent messages’.

Download Powermail Here.

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