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How To Backup iPhone Contacts

iPhone is nothing but a line of Smartphones which people are crazy about nowadays. Yes! Its that simple. Designed and produced by Apple Inc, iPhone has several interesting features for which it even attracts the corporate sector as well. But while u

sing any mobile phone, you need be very careful about your data; your contacts being the most important data on your phone.

So here we will show you how to backup the contacts which you have on your iPhone.

How to Backup iPhone Contacts

There are two easy ways to backup iPhone contacts

Backup iPhone contacts through USB/iTunes

  • We just have to connect the iPhone to PC with iTunes installed
  • Under the device tab we have to select the iDevice/iPhone we would like to backup
  • We then have to right click on the name of that device and have to hit “Backup”

Backup iPhone contacts through iCloud

For this we have to configure iCloud application in the PC as well as iPhone

  • We have to ensure that iOS 5 is installed in the PC and iPhone
  • W e have to go to the Backup and storage menu on the iPhone and have to enable the backup option in this menu so that the iPhone will now start backing up periodically when it is connected to a power source or it is in a range of a wifi network and screen is locked

Now the more conventional way of backing up the iPhone contacts was to use a USB sync cable but it meant that we have to plug the iPhone to the PC every few days and sync it. If we don’t do this the contact that will be only present what we have backed up the last time. So in between if something goes wrong with the iPhone, we will lose all the contacts.

But now due to this iCloud application, we don’t have to backup the contacts as iCloud settings will automatically do this for us if we configure them accordingly.

Extract contacts from iPhones

We have to download ibackupbot for iTunes and have to install it and have to follow the below mentioned instructions.

Step 1

We have to click on the “View iPhone Contacts”

Step 2

The contact list of our phone will appear. We just have to click on the “Export to” icon and another window will open with 3 options. We have to select the preference and click on OK.

We can access messages, notes, call history, recent email addresses as well.

Now we can easily do the contact backups for our iPhone without any hustle at all.

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