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Anonymouse – Anonymouse.org Proxy Site

As many won’t know, when you enter and travel across the world of internet, you are not an unknown discrete individual but have a very specific calling card which identifies you uniquely. Anonymouse is a unique website which allows and gives you this privilege of visiting any website of access any content on internet without revealing your actual identity.

Why one needs Anonymouse?

Many services in the internet like mail, websites etc. keep a record of your personal data without even informing you. These services then even use that personal data for their uses. Many people  know about all this but there is thus need of data protection which Anonymouse provides. Some other benefits of anonymouse include-

  • Protection from spamming
  • Protection form hacking
  • Protection from junk advertising

What it actually does is simply camouflages your actual calling card with a random one so that your identity is concealed. Here is a practical example of what it actually does-

Real Calling Card (without Anonymouse)

IP –

Host –

Platform – Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; U; en) Presto/2.6.30 Version/10.63

Camouflaged Calling Card (with Anonymouse)

IP –

Host – anonymouse.org

So you see, this is how your identity is shrouded with the help of Anonymouse. To visit any website you wish to visit using this feature, simply enter the website url in the text box(shown below) and hit “Surf anonymously”.

Anonymouse VIP Service

The website is available in two languages- English and Deutsch and the basic service is free. However, a VIP service is also provided by the website which can be availed at some price. The VIP service provides you even better security than the basic one as it features encryption(HTTPS/SSL/TLS). The various plans(payment through paypal) are as follows-

USD                       GBP                       CAD

6                              4                              7                             for 1 month

25                           14                           28                           for 6 months

38                           21                           42                           for 12 months

AUD                       EUR                        JPY

8                              5                              710                         for 1 month

34                           20                           2900                       for 6 months

50                           30                           4300                      for 12 months

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