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Airtel GPRS Settings

Airtel is one of the largest mobile phone service providers in India. Airtel have been offering attractive packages to use GPRS to access Internet from your phone. General packet radio service (GPRS) is used to access internet from your mobile phone. GPRS is a low bandwidth second generation communication system.

Different mobile phone service providers provide different kinds of services based on GPRS. Basic internet access is one of the most popular services provided to the users. The cost of the service is usually based on the bundle chosen by the user; for example: You might want to choose a bundle for 500 MB that costs you a particular amount of money for a month.



Airtel introduced GPRS to its customers earlier than its consumers. The advantage of using Airtel GPRS is its connectivity that is good in even some of the remote areas in India. Even small towns and some villages make use of the GPRS. This is unlike 3G that depends on the different band and is available only in select cities at a premium that has to be paid by the user.

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Airtel GPRS provides a speed of up to 128 kb per second. This speed is just enough to access basic internet and browsing. You will not be able to make video calls and stream videos on your phone using your GPRS connection.

Airtel GPRS Settings

You need to configure your phone and subscribe to a particular GPRS plan before you can start using the service on your phone. Following are the settings for Airtel GPRS.


Note: You have to confirm the settings with Airtel for smart phones. The settings may be different for phones and it depends on the manufacturer.

  1. Select Settings on your mobile phone
  2. Select Network Settings
  3. Select GPRS
  4. Enter the following details
  5. Access Point: airtelgprs.com
  6. Server: 202. 056. 231. 117
  7.  Server Port: 8080
  8. Homepage Location: http:// http://techzoomer.com/
  9. Primary Name Server: Leave it blank
  10. Secondary Name Server: Leave it blank
  11. Username: Leave it blank
  12. Password: Leave it blank

Congratulations! You have successfully configured your phone with Airtel GPRS.

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