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Aircel GPRS Settings

Aircel is a relatively new player in the Indian mobile phone market. Although new, they have built their service around a strong network that supports both 2G and 3G networks. GPRS is a low bandwidth internet service platform for mobile phones. You can use the GPRS network to browse Internet on your mobile phone. The speed of a GPRS connected Internet can be anywhere between 56 kbps to 128 kbps depending on the area of coverage. The speed of Internet access also depends on other factors such as the mobile phone you use.


You have to choose a GPRS plan and subscribe to it before you start using Internet on your phone. There are several plans available for you to choose from and you can get the detailed list of all the plans here. There are a few special GPRS plans that allow you to access your mail and Facebook. You can choose such specific plans if your main internet usage is your mail and Facebook. Aircel offers a low cost option called the Pocket Internet that offers internet browsing at an affordable price.

Aircel GPRS Setting

Setting 1

Follow these step by step instructions to configure your phone to use Aircel GPRS:

  1. Select Settings on your mobile phone
  2. Select Network Settings
  3. Select GPRS
  4. Enter the following details
  5. Access Point:  aircelwap
  6. Server:
  7.  Server Port: 8080
  8. Homepage Location: http:// http://techzoomer.com/
  9. Secondary Name Server: Leave it blank
  10. Username: Leave it blank
  11. Password: Leave it blank

You have successfully configured Aircel GPRS on your mobile phone.

Settings 2

If the above setting does not work on your mobile phone, call the Aircel customer service and ask them for the GPRS settings for your specific mobile phone model. Dial 121 from your Aircel phone to contact the customer care.


The settings will be sent you via text message and you can save the settings on your phone.


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