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Abbyy (abbyy.com) Product Reviews

Abbyy is a software company which has its headquarters in Moscow, Russia. Abbyy provides around 35 various products such as the OCR, Pdf and document conversion softwares, data and document capture softwares, language services, translation tools, dictionary and reference softwares too.


Abbyy was found in 1989 and is said to have had the name “BIT software” before the year 1997. Abbyy has over 14 global offices situated in the U.S, Germany, Japan, the U.K, Australia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Cyprus, Canada and in Russia. There are over 1000 employees working for Abbyy wherein most of them are linguists, engineers and some of them are occupied with research and development field as programmers.

Top Abbyy Products

Abbyy Fine Reader 11

This OCR software helps to convert the PDFs, scans and digital photos into editable documents and also makes them as searchable ones too. The conversion capability of this software eradicates the need to retype or reformat it. Simple steps lead to accomplish the tasks in a very easy manner.


Abbyy FlexiCapture 10

This software is said to the best next generation document processing software in terms of precise, exact and excellent quality data capture and document processing. There is a single entry point which makes it easy to alter and convert different documents and forms of any kind of structure and intricacy into readily readable data.


Abbyy Lingvo Mobile

This software is said to be a part of the wide range of mobile dictionaries for Symbian, Apple and Windows Mobile operating mobile devices which eventually lets the user to translate any word or word combination into muliple languages.


Abbyy Business Card Reader

This software permits the users to shift and move contact information from business cards to the address book present in the mobile phones. This software uses the smartphone camera autofocus feature and also OCR technology from Abbyy.


Abbyy Aligner

This software allows the user to align parallel texts and also create translation memory databases. This professional tool locates the matching segments in the parallel texts and saves it as TMX files, which can be used in RTF files or in CAT tools in the later stage, when needed. This software is based on Abbyy’s advanced linguistic technology and so it guarantees high quality in the alignment of the parallel text. This software is said to have a very perceptive interface and broad function abilities to enable quick and effective work.


Worldwide Users

It is said that above 30 million people from over 150 countries are using Abbyy products altogether. Especially Abbyy Fine Reader is being used by over 20 million people present throughout the whole world.

Abbyy Lingvo electronic dictionaries are said to be used by more than 7 million people all over the world. Thousands and thousands of companies are said to use Abbyy products to process over 9.3 billion pages of documents each year. Abbyy products have got 240 awards from all over the world and that too from the leading magazines present in the industry and also from the testing labs for creating products that are accurate, creative and innovative, easy to use and have value too.

Usage of Abbyy Products

Some of the leading document capture vendors such as Dell, Epson, Fujitsu, Captiva, BenQ, Microtek, Panasonic, Optika, Samsung Electronics, Verity, Toshiba and many others are using Abbyy products and technologies to suit their needs.

Some of the leading scanner and MFP creators such as BenQ, Epson, Mustek, Canon, Panasonic communications, Primax, Plustek, Xerox and Toshiba are using Abbyy technologies too.

Nokia, LG, HTC, Samsung, Voxtel and Pantech are some of the most important and top mobile manufacturers using Abbyy technologies on their mobile devices.

Checkout the Abbyy website now to learn more about the company and their amazing products.

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